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Director:  李逸峰 Lee Yat Fung

Screenwriter:  李逸峰 Lee Yat Fung

Genre:  Horror(92min)




Fong Muk Wing (Wing), A graduate from a film school works with Lee Yat Fung (Fung), an independent filmmakers. Wing finally realizes that Fung is a person, who is totally different from how he expects he is. From this moment, the changes on Wing's mind triggers a series of unbeliveable events.


Selected in 3rd Annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

Best Horror Film of 2011 Amsterdam Film Festival Van Gogh Award


Director:  李逸峰 Lee Yat Fung

Screenwriter:  李逸峰 Lee Yat Fung

Genre:  Short Film (28min)





At the age of 20, he leaves Tuen Mun, where he was born and raised.

Ten years later, he steps into this familiar place again. Riding on a light rail train,

he looks out the window and starts to think about a lot of things. 


Selected in 8th Panorama of Independent Film Makers - T.U.C.T.H

Selected in ReAnimacja Festival 2007, Poland

Selected in 9th International Panorama of Indepedent Filmakers


Directors:  李逸峰 LEE Yat Fung

Screenwriter:  李逸峰 Lee Yat Fung

Genre:  Short Film (15min)




For a life almost coming to an end, what is the meaning of its pursuits and ideology? Is it an end, or just a beginning of another ending? It seems to be a cycle, yet a chain reaction.  


Screened in iFilmmaker 2005, Hong Kong.

Selected in Audience Prize of PLATFORMA VIDEO6, Greece

Selected in Roma Indepentdent Film Festival

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